Quality turnouts and formations constructed entirely from Nickel Silver Bullhead Code 125 rail, no cast parts, soldered to PCB Sleepers. Sleepers spacing is based on templates available or assembled from my own templates, using photo's etc The pointwork is supplied ready height matched to C&L Finescale and PECO trackwork and has dropper wires fitted. Can be supplied sprayed matt black with polished rail surface.
I am now building turnouts from C&L parts , as a top range product ,with the soldered track continuing in parallel as a cheaper option , and therefore I have abandoned the addition of cosmetic chairs to the soldered range . Please send Email for up to date photo's of C&L build in progress. PLEASE NOTE ::: ALL POINTWORK PRICES ARE OUT OF DATE ; ENQUIRE FOR QUOTE .


These are soldered construction points with plastic tie bar operation and dropper wires fitted . The sleeper spacing and arrangement is realistic . To match the height to Peco track , 0.100" plasticard packers are required under alternate sleepers . These have been left off as there is a tendancy to use shallow ballast nowadays .
Examples of pointwork normally in stock:
6ft. radius turnout   £28 x
B6 turnout (approx. 8ft. radius)   £30 x
B8 turnout (approx. 13ft. 6in. radius)   £32 x
3 way staggered turnout B6/B8   £72 x
Diamond crossing   £42 x
Single slip   £66 x
Double slip   £80 x
Crossover (Loco release) A4, A5   £70 x
Crossover B6, B8   £75 x
Scissors crossover (approx. 6ft. radius)   £170 x
Other turnouts available to order.
Special offers at shows !
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