David Gray's, Blue & Grey's

36/ Tourist Second Open

37/ Corridor Composite . CK

38/ Brake Second Corridor. BSK

34/ Detail of TSO

These 3 coaches were commissioned  by David Gray to run on his exhibition layout  "Pencombe"
they are the 'refurbished' coaches , with etched brass window frame overlays , resprayed , running on Easy Build bogies .
The 3 car rake consists of a TSO , CK and BSK , and can be seen running on "Pencombe" along
with another "AQUITRAIN" coach , a maroon BG , at the following shows :-

DEMU  exhibition  , Burton upon Trent  , 7th & 8th  June     and
MIGO + 1  exhibition , Saltney             ,      14th & 15th   June .
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