I had my first independant stand at Telford 2007, the Gauge O Guild show of the year., and apart from being a demonstrator , which was very interesting ; we had a good show with a sell out on all the widened and refurbished coaches , plus spares , and Lima rolling stock.Thanks to the Guild staff for another great show !

After Telford, I was at the Northampton Club's show , which had a lot of O gauge and is well worth a visit ! and then of course Reading Trade show , which allowed me to meet up with lots of you , and deliver and collect orders , and to see the lovely models that other people produce !.

I have made my reservations for all the G.O.G. shows for 2008. I also hope to attend various other shows with an important 'O' Gauge bias , as time and invitations permit.

2008. Kettering went very well , we enjoyed the show ,delivered stock and took more orders .

Halifax : On the way to the show I met up with Dave Grey and gave him his 3 blue & greys , which were running on his layout that evening at the exhibition
hall , could this be the closest delivery time ever ?
The show itself was OK , a lot of people looking , we delivered orders as usual
and took new ones ,another 5 coach rake was ordered , and the interest in the point work is building , with an order for a few formations taken after the show . I am down to my last rake of Maroon Mk 1's with the 3 C's sides now , a 5 coach set that will be available at Telford .

I will have my first French show 2 weeks after Telford , near Poitiers , so if you are on holiday in the area ........... More details to follow.

GUILDEX 2008 . Another very good show !!! If you cannot find that bit at Guildex , it probably has not been made yet !!!!!!!!
We did well with turn over 10% up on last year , and lots more interest now
we are becoming known , mainly as 'the lima coach man ' but interest in the trackwork is increasing with several orders delivered to Telford .

I am making up some point formations using C&L components for the French show
and will probably include these in my list of products , paralleled with the
cheaper soldered range , which will not have the cosmetic chairs added ,
as this will duplicate the C&L points . Trackwork prices are now out of date
so please contact for quotes on your requirements.

NORTHAMPTON. NOV 2008. Very good show , very well organised - even help with unloading ! Lots of O gauge interest and layouts . Brilliant , well done to
Chris , Les , and all the others whose names I have forgotten . Thanks lads !!!

READING. DEC 2008 . Crisis ? What Crisis ? Loads of people , looked busier than last year . We had a very good day , with turnover well up on last year .
I actually got'mobbed'at one point , with 10 people round my stand all trying to get served or wanting help , and I was on my own trying to cope with the
double stand !!! Thanks for your patience if you were one of them !!!
Lots of orders delivered , and more taken .

KETTERING .MAR 2009. A good show ! Congratulations to the new members of the show team , all ran smoothly for us . On the sales front , we delivered
a rake of 8 Maroon coaches to a happy customer , 4 to another , and the usual bits and pieces , BUT , as always , was tempted into spending some of my profit with other traders , but that's what makes the world go round ..........

As I cannot attend the Halifax Show this year , for family reasons , I had a stand at the ALSRM show at Reading in May . This at least allowed me to have a presence in the UK before Telford , we made new contacts and had a lot of interest in our soldered and C & L track and pointwork .

SEPT. 2009. WOW !!! What a GUILDEX !!! Our best show to date !!!
14 Coach orders delivered , and various items of stock sold , including
our point work , which is now becoming better known ,more orders taken ; and generally a very good show ; The only draw back ? Not getting enough time to visit all the other stands and layouts !!!!

NORTHAMPTON. NOV. 2009. A good show! Well worth a visit for O gaugers. This
show will be moving to a Summer date , so not sure if I will
be attending in 2010.

READING. DEC. 2009. As usual , a super show of everything you need for
O gauge modelling . Very well organised , easy access , everything
ready for us to set up , plenty of GOGG volunteers on hand for
help and advice .Thanks to all the organisers for giving up their
time to the show . Not sure about the "improved" catering
facilities at the Leisure Centre though , with the Full English
'Breakfast in a Box' ???
Aquitrain did very well on the day and also had two
important 'after show' sales , which made this the best
One Day show that we have had , AND at the end of year stock taking
I realise that I have now sold 100 CONVERTED LIMA COACHES !!!!!!!
All this in 3 years of trading , which means that on average
I have produced 1 coach every 11 days , over that period .
So that's where my spare time went !



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