90/ BR Mk1. Aquitrain Coaches .
BR Mk1 ; CK & BSK ' The Dynamic Duo' . This photo shows what can be done with a couple of old Lima coaches . There is no need to widen or cut the sides of these coaches , as they are the 2 standard Lima models . Just enlarge the window and door openings slightly with a file , clean up coach sides to a smooth finish , one coat of humbrol gloss brushed on to seal the surface , apply a good quality double sided tape to coach side , cut out openings , remove small top strip of tape protection , position Aquitrain Overlay along top edge and on ends , press down to locate when happy , gently lift bottom of Overlay and peel back remainder of tape covering , working down and out from centre press down the Overlay to give a perfect, ready lined, ready glazed finish .
Apply number transfers and door handles , etc , as required .
Aquitrain Overlays are ONLY £15.00 / coach !!! ...... RTR Coaches £205 each . TO ORDER
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